Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a comprehensive martial art that not only teaches self-defense but also teaches how to sustain long term physical and mental health.  Many Tai Chi schools focus on the healing, philosophical,  and artistic aspects only. However, at BMAA we preserve the complete system of fighting and healing, and we believe that practicing both sides and studying the interplay between them brings greater benefit.

Our Tai Chi program has evolved and now covers both the yin side (slow movement, rehabilitation, meditation, healing, energy cultivation) and yang side (fast moving, self-defense, energy release) of the art.  With this in mind, we have renamed our program as “Self-Defense and Energy Flow”.  You can find more information following this link.  Our classes are more physically challenging than most of the internal martial arts (e.g. Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Xing Yi) classes.  If, in addition to learning how to relax, meditate, increase energy flow you also want to learn real life self defense and get a good physical workout, this class is the way to go.

As a martial art, our system offers training consistent with Tai Chi principles, and includes developing explosive striking power, cultivating and releasing internal energy, understanding body alignments and structure, and learning how to sense and counter your opponent’s intent.  Students have the opportunity to learn advanced kinesiological principles such as wave kinematics and their applications to movement and self-defense.

Developing internal power and safely applying it for self-defense requires an understanding of the mind/body connection.  In Tai Chi, we cultivate this understanding through the practice of a long solo form with slow pace and some forms of Chi Gong.  Doing the form slowly exposes tension, lack of balance, energy blockages, lack of concentration.  These can be improved with persistent practice, knowledgeable instruction, and combination of breathing and relaxation.  Sometimes called “meditation in motion,” Tai Chi invokes sensations and effects likened to the meditative forms of yoga and similar practices.  Additionally, doing the solo forms helps to supply blood and other fluids to parts of the body (including spine, organs, and brain) preserving health and provides stretching in multiple directions enhancing fluidity and vitality of the practitioner’s movement.

Our class structure is intentionally eclectic and allows students to learn multiple aspects and contexts for the art rather than delaying self-defense for years as the foundations are learned.  We teach the same self-defense techniques to all students with understanding that the same application would be done very differently by a beginner and advanced practitioner.   Tai Chi forms provide all the cardio and calisthenics that most people would need for a healthy life, but getting to that level takes time.  Therefore, we adopt and incorporate elements from other, more external martial arts styles (Kung Fu, mixed martial arts, western boxing, Jeet Kung Do/Kali, and even dance) to bring fun and energy to class from the very beginning.

The scope of our program is extensive, and based on the system of Old Yang Style Tai Chi.  It includes two long solo forms: Yang Chen Fu (YCF) form and Yang Lu Chan (YLC) form, four weapons sets (Broadsword, Straight Sword with Dagger, Short Staff, and Spear), and multiple partner sets (Large Sansau, Small Sansau, weapon drills, hand weapons, and ancient forms).   For each form we teach associated self-defense applications that are also trained as stand alone drills and used in sparring.

Qigong for Stress Relief

Qigong is an ancient health and wellness practice originating in China which integrates physical postures, breathing techniques, and focused intentions. This Qigong for stress relief class combines soothing music with various systems of Qigong to provide the perfect relaxing environment. The gentle, rhythmic movements of Qigong reduce stress through focused breathing, visualization techniques, and specific body movements. Additionally, these ancient routines have been shown to heal the mind and body, lower blood pressure, ease the effects of PTSD, balance emotions, and boost  your overall energy level.

Instructor - Igor Shimansky

For more information including pricing: Phone: 410-465-7799


We plan to keep our classes outdoors to the extent possible.  If we deem that the weather conditions are extreme, for example due to precipitation or very cold temperatures, we will try to schedule a makeup class at a different time, such as another weeknight outdoors, or on Sunday outdoors or indoors.  Having class indoors on Sunday will minimize exposure to other people who use the same space.   The class can be either Tai Chi only (1.5 hour), Kung Fu only (1.5 hour) or combined (2 hour 15 minutes), depending which make ups we have to do.   Indoor makeup classes depend on facility and instructor availability.  We also will look at other options for makeup classes, and appreciate any ideas to keep everybody safe.