Free 30 Day Trial

Baltimore Martial Arts offers a free 30 day trial that allows an individual to try our martial arts and/or fitness programs for a 30 day period at no cost. In order for us to prevent abuse of this free trial, there are a few restrictions that we must enforce.

  1. An individual may only use our Free 30 Day Trial once in their life time.
  2. This trial may not be used in conjunction with any other special offers that include but are not limited to online promotions (Groupon, Metabody etc.), short term offers etc.
  3. This offer is not available to college students returning home for Summer Break or individuals visiting locally for a time period that is less than 6 months.
  4. This offer may not be used for special programs with special requirements (e.g. 12 week self defense course, advanced classes etc.)
  5. An individual may attend a maximum of three classes per week.


You are entitled to a full refund for any purchases made as long as your request is made within three business days from the date of purchase. this request must be made in writing and delivered to our school whereupon you will be issued a written letter and/or receipt indicating that we have received your notification. Cancellations and refunds could take two weeks to process and will be done so either electronically or via a written check whichever the business deems best. Special online offers, events or purchases are non-refundable but may be transferred to another individual for whatever remaining credit or value that they are worth. Returned merchandise must be in new and resalable condition and must be returned in their original packaging.

Notice of Consumer Rights for Bond Exempt Businesses & Important Business Practices

The below information is an integral part of the application and contract for membership with Baltimore Martial Arts Academy. Each and every member will be given a copy of these terms and have them explained to them by a sales consultant. Each applicant for membership is required to sign this document.

Our business's registration number with the State's Consumer Protection Division is E3527

We are not required to carry a performance bond under the Maryland Health Club Services law because we do not accept more than three month's payment in advance or charge initiation fees over $200.

If the Baltimore Martial Arts Academy is closed for a month or more, you are entitled to your choice of either an extension of the contract or a prorated refund. If the closing is not the fault of the business, we are entitled to choose.

You have the right to cancel this contract completely within three business days after the receipt of a copy of this agreement. Cancellation must be in writing, and delivered in person or by certified or registered mail. If you cancel, you are entitled to a full refund of all paid for tuition. Used merchandise will not be refunded.

30-Day Buyer's Remorse Policy

You are entitled to cancel your membership as long as your cancelation request is made within 30 days from the date that you have enrolled and you and/or any members listed on your membership agreement have attended at least 4 class sessions. Your initial down payment along with any purchased merchandise is non-refundable past 3 days from your initial enrollment date. Notification of cancellation can be made in person at our office in which case you will be given a signed-receipt, from one of our staff members, indicating that your cancellation request was received and the date that it was received. This receipt only verifies that we have received your request for cancellation and does not represent cancellation approval. Only the owner of Baltimore Martial Arts can approve cancellations in which case you will receive either a signed document or email acknowledging that your membership has been cancelled. Email while not a full proof means of communication, is acceptable as long as email receipts are verified between the member and Baltimore Martial Arts. Phone communication with staff members & voicemail are not acceptable means of communication for membership cancellation purposes. There is no guarantee that your first scheduled payment (not the down payment) will not process after your cancellation notification &/or cancelation approval has been received. As long as your notification is made & verified within the 30-day buyer's remorse period, your down payment was not returned & if your account was charged for the first payment, you will be issued a refund for your first payment (not the down payment) minus a $25 service charge that will be mailed to you no later than two weeks after your first billing date. A $50 fee will be assessed for any returned charges or stop payments.

If you become disabled for at least 3 months during the membership term and the disability is confirmed in writing by a licensed physician, you are entitled to an extension of the contract. Since we are exempt from the bonding requirement, we cannot collect payments during a member's disability extension so that we are not holding more than three month's payment in advance.

Downgrades (e.g. 2 days to one day) &/or other adjustments will not be granted unless expressly consented by the owner. In such cases where adjustments are granted, notification must be given at least 30 days prior before any changes go into effect.

Any appeals, requests, or absence notifications must be made in writing or sent via email and delivered to the owner at least 30 days in advance before any changes go into effect. A written and initialed receipt will be issued as proof of any delivered notifications. Only documents with a signed proof of receipt will be considered towards any actions or decisions made by Baltimore Martial Arts concerning a customer’s account. In some cases, email correspondence may suffice as a secondary means of communication between the customer and Baltimore Martial Arts however the customer realizes that email communication is not full proof and does not constitute a 100 percent guarantee that one or both parties messages are being conveyed. Unless the customer receives a verified reply from Baltimore Martial Arts, he or she should assume that their email correspondence was not received and should proceed to our office and obtain a verified receipt of correspondence.

Absolutely no monetary refunds will be given for missed classes and it is at the owner's discretion whether or not to award a time extension to the contract. No contract or payment freezes will be granted unless arranged ahead of time during the enrollment process. When such arrangements are made, the customer agrees to continue making timely tuition payments and in return will receive the corresponding time credit extended to the end of their membership agreement.

Participation and Liability Waiver

Every customer or visitor to our facility who plans to participate in a free trial class is required to fill out and sign our customer participation and liability waiver. Information on this waiver may be used as described in our Privacy Policy.