Whole 30 Challenge

Are you ready to do a thirty day challenge? One in which you will learn what foods effect your body in negative ways? One in which you will feel better, sleep better, and look better? Oh yeah, and one in which you'll probably drop some considerable pounds? It's free - what do you have to lose!?

Challenge Begins January 7th, 2013!

Danyelle Berger is Baltimore Martial Arts and Fitness's head kettlebell instructor. She is spear heading a Whole 30 dietary life style challenge to all of her students, friends and fellow associates. If you are interested, please visit Danyelle's Baltimore Kettlbells Facebook Page to sign up. Look for the Whole 30 Begins link. Many others have joined up already, why not you!

The Whole 30 Challenge 30 days with NO sugar, NO grains, NO dairy, and NO alcohol

To learn more about Whole 30 visit Whole9life.com.

30 Reasons To Do A Whole 30

If you need a reason to do the Whole 30 Challange, here's 30 reasons for you. Visit 30 Reasons to do Whole 30.

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Danyelle Berger
Baltimore Martial Arts Academy 6565 Baltimore National Pike, Catonsville, MD 21228 Looking for a map?

Walk in M-F, 5-9 PM Saturday, 8 AM – 1 PM & Sunday 2-4 PM Visit our You Tube Channel{Baltimore Martial Arts You Tube}. Email us at:[email protected]

Danyelle Berger is a level 2 certified kettlebell instructor for RKC and Strong First. She is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist CSCS under the prestigious National Strength and Conditioning Association. Danyelle is also holds two masters degrees, a black belt, is the mother of two young boys and husband to Gary Berger, the owner of Baltimore Martial Arts and Fitness.