Women's Morning Fitness Class FREE 30 Day Trial! 60 MINUTE WORKOUT SESSIONS. Check out our SCHEDULE

Get in Shape, Lose Weight, and Have Fun Doing It! - Each 50 minute boot camp session will vary, but will incorporate core conditioning, dynamic stretching, high intensity interval training, agility drills, abdominal toning, cardiovascular exercises, circuit training, body weight resistance training, strength building and more. We always warm up and cool down.

You Don't Have to be In Shape - You will start training at your level and you will move up as you get faster and stronger. We've designed the program to be suitable for everyone.

Get the Benefits of a Personal Trainer at a Fraction of the Cost - You will have access to a professional Personal Trainer and the discipline of a regular scheduled workout like you would with a personal trainer for a fraction of what a personal trainer costs.

Women Only - Meet new friends, network, and bond with other fitness focused women in Baltimore area in a team workout environment.

Classes are Booking Fast. Check the Schedule Do You Have Questions? Give us a Call at (410) 465-7799