Kids Kung Fu

Baltimore Martial Arts' Kids Kung Fu program is taught by Sifu and Sensei Gary Berger. Sifu Gary is also the owner of Baltimore Martial Arts Academy and has been teaching children and adults Kung Fu in Baltimore and Howard County since the early 1990s.

Sifu Berger's kids kung fu program is based off of a traditional kung fu style with some elements of Judo & Boxing. Mr. Berger earned his Kung Fu Black sash from Richard Wheatley in 1991. Mr. Berger also learned extensively from Sifu Wheatley's instructor Grand Master Liang Chuang Huang. Mr. Berger was also a national champion in Chinese Kuoshu full contact fighting and a silver medalist in international competition.

Kids Kung Fu

Sifu Berger teaches children discipline, self control and to respect others while learning kung fu forms and techniques. Kung Fu techniques typically include striking, takedowns and hands on self defense maneuvers against grabs and holds - perfect for self defense. Kung Fu also includes weapons training in the stick, sword and long staff but not until the children earn that privilege through hard training and dedication.

Kung Fu is also a competitive sport. Kids can compete is point sparring and forms. Kung Fu forms are akin to a series of dance maneuvers where judges grade their performance.

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