Karate Kid Makes his Mom Breakfast

I was cleaning up my office today and came across this letter written to me from a parent of one of my junior Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students. I teach all of my students to be more responsible at home and to help out their parents whenever possible. Practicing discipline at home and at school is just as important as practicing at my dojo (a Japanese name for martial arts school.)

children martial arts
Martial Arts helps to motivate children to get better grades and help out more at home.

Practicing qualities like discipline, patience & self control is an important part of life. Both children and parents are challenged every day to exercise these traits. I teach my children to recognize opportunities in order to practice their skills. For example, when faced with a desert before dinner, children are to have self control and not touch or taste it until they have finished with their dinner. If they can do this or if they are presented with another similar temptation, they are to share this experience with their parents and with their karate classmates at my school. One child's story benefits us all, even the parents in the dojo watching and listening in their chairs.

Over the holidays, I proposed a special challenge to my students called the "Goodie Test". I asked them to clear a table and place onto it one of their favorite treats. They were to sit at that table and stare at that treat for five minutes while resisting the urge to touch, taste or eat that treat. As long as a parent could vouch for their child successfully passing this challenge, that student was rewarded with a toy of their choice from among a large container of random toys that I keep on hand for special occasions.

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