Josh Barnett signed with Strikeforce…I hope he stays clean!

I'm sure we all remember when Josh Barnett was going to fight Fedor in the Affliction main event. But due to the pre-fight drug testing that Barnett failed the fight never happened, and  Affliction then closed their doors to promoting fights. Josh Barnett quoted, "I spoke with several other companies prior to this, and what kind of visibility they were able to offer, and what they could offer in terms of opponents, and just keeping me active, my ability to do work outside of fighting, or even just fighting outside of that company, or professional wrestling work, or if I wanted to do any TV or movie work... When it comes down to it, the thing that matters most to me is being able to fight. I just want to make sure I can get out there and crack as many heads as possible... [Strikeforce's visibility] matters big time, cause when I dislocate and tear somebody's head completely off their shoulders and spew blood all over the ring, and then drink it, I want the whole world to see it. I'd love to fight on CBS. Punch somebody so hard that their eyeballs pop out of their head... In due time. There's not too many people all that chomping at the bit and so ready to meet their death." Barnett talks with crude intentions, he seems very mad as if he is still on steroids. Barnett, just calm down train hard and keep your mouth shut. We will have to see if Barnett keeps clean and trains without performance enhancing drugs. I think we all would like to see him fight as we missed the last main event due to his bad decision.