MMA & Boxing Coach
Hi ! I’m Jordan your new MMA coach! Little bit about me. I’ve been in the United States Navy for 10 years and I continue to serve my service in the reserves to this day. Spent most of my career overseas in Japan where I lived for about 8 years and worked as a Master at Arms working in law enforcement and prisoner transportation. Japan is the home in my heart and also where I turned professional in my MMA career. I was fortunate enough to meet amazing people and fight under organizations such as Grachen, Deep, Rize and Pancrase. This is also where I had most of my Kickboxing, boxing and Jujitsu competitions. I’ve been all over the pacific and the world training in places like Okinawa, Guam, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Korea. I’m very excited to work with everyone and bring my knowledge to the Baltimore Martial Arts Academy team! I’ll see you on the mats!