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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do lessons cost?

A: Price is relative to the perceived value of the service for which you are inquiring. If you are shopping for the cheapest price in town you should consider looking elsewhere. If you are making decisions solely based on price and you are not willing to at least watch and/or try a FREE class you should consider looking elsewhere. We are a professional martial arts and fitness institution dedicated to teaching and offering the highest quality service available anywhere and have been doing so since 1995. Once you make an appointment to visit to our school and hopefully try a free class, one of our consultants will sit down with you and present to you all of our membership pricing options. Remember you are always welcome to try our services for 30 Days FREE regardless.

Q: How does the Free 30 Day Trial work?

A: Once you schedule your first class or private lesson with one of our consultants, you will be presented with some incentives to enroll in our academy. You may elect to take these incentives or not. If you decide not to enroll, you will be able to take our Free 30 Day Trial. Note: as a new member you get the Free 30 Days included in your membership. Our Free 30 Day trial entitles you to attend a maximum of two classes per week of any classes we offer excluding any advanced classes.

Q: Where is the BMAA located?

A: The BMAA is located at: 6565 Baltimore National Pike, Catonsville, MD. We’re between Pizza Hut and Midas at the back of the parking lot. Still not sure? Click here for a map.

Q: I am a beginner, when can I start?

A: We wouldn’t be in business if we couldn’t accommodate the beginner! 99% of all new members have never studied the martial arts. We are ready to accommodate a beginner in any one of our classes. On any given day, you need only stop in to start training!

Q: I’m out of shape, will this affect my ability to train?

A: No. In fact, it’s our job to help you get in shape. Often, someone will will say they need to lift weights or run before they can begin training. This is ridiculous! The best way to get in shape and optimize your martial arts performance is to come in and JUST DO IT! The martial arts is an athletic activity that improves by doing more of that activity.

Q: What should I wear to my first class?

A: For your first class you should wear comfortable clothing, such as sweat pants and a t-shirt. If you already own a gi (uniform) from another martial art, you are welcome to wear that with a white belt. If you are taking kickboxing or kung fu classes you should bring tennis shoes. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and Aikido practitioners wear a gi, We will lend you a gi for your first class. To learn more about a Gi click here.

Q: What can I do to prepare for my first class or appointment?

A: Prior to visiting our academy, please print and complete our Participation and Liability Waiver Form. Having this document ready when you arrive will save time towards facilitating you into your class.

Q: How long will it take me to earn a black belt?

A: The time varies according to each individual’s physical and mental abilities. The most important quality necessary for attaining a black belt is consistency. If a member consistently comes to class twice weekly, for three to five years, he or she can reasonably expect to earn a black belt.

Q: Which style should I take?

A: BMAA offers a style of martial arts appropriate for whatever your goals may be. Whether you are interested purely in fitness, or self-defense, or competition, we can professionally teach what you need to know. Speak to one of our instructors to find out what the right program is for you.

Q: What is the Academy’s policy for inclement weather and holidays?

A: In the event of inclement weather, BMAA will be closed and classes cancelled when Baltimore County Public Schools are closed. You can check the status of Baltimore County Schools by clicking here. BMAA may sometimes open or close contrary to this policy depending on actual weather conditions. We will have updates on our website as well as on our phone messaging. BMAA is also closed during major holidays. Please consult with the instructor to determine if your class will be held.

Q: I purchased a Groupon. Can I buy more than one?

A: Yes and No. You may buy one deal for yourself and additional deals for friends. Only one special deal or promotion is allowed per individual per year and promotional deals can not be combined with any other offers and/or our Free 30 Day Trial.

Q: How do I schedule my trial classes or Groupon classes. If you are trying out a Free class and it will be your first time visiting our academy, giver us a call and one of our representatives will assist you. If you purchased a Groupon Kickboxing Deal, please schedule all of your classes via our online Scheduling Page.

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