Baltimore Wrestling Club

Baltimore Martial Arts now has a wrestling club for children and adults. Coaches Ron Vaughters and Steve Golob both have extensive backgrounds in wrestling. Steve coaches high school wrestling at North County High School. Steve has been wrestling for almost 20 years and coaching for about 5 years. In High school Steve was a 2 time regional champ, qualified for the state tournament 3 times, and placed 4th in 1A/2A states in 1997. Steve also wrestled on the club team at University of Maryland.  Steve's other hobbies include  rock climbing, hiking, running, yoga, slacklining, capoeira, crossfit, breakdancing, biking, swimming and martial arts. Steve recently competed in a wrestling tournament with his students. Steve won three matches and lost two to take fourth place.

Ron Vaughters is a decorated wrestler and a legend at Old Mills High School with multiple State Championships. Ron is also an accomplished Mixed Martial Arts competitor. Ron recently competed in an MMA tournament three weeks ago in PA where he won very impressively with a combination of wrestling and striking skills. Ron is the wrestler in the picture above in the white uniform.

Adult Wrestling Classes

Adult wrestling classes are now offered on Monday and Wednesday evenings 8-9 PM. Classes are taught by Ron Vaughters. Beginners as well as off season wrestling competitors are welcome. Students training in other styles will benefit from adding wrestling to their game especially Mixed Martial Artists. Mixed Martial Arts competitors with wrestling skills have consistently been successful in the Octagon. Randy Couture. Matt Hughes, Dan Henderson are excellent examples of MMA fighters who use wrestling skills to win MMA titles.

Children's Wrestling Classes

Children's wrestling classes will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:30-5:30PM beginning March 27th. Classes are taunt by Steve Golob. More kids wrestling classes are in planning.

Baltimore Childrens Wrestling Mat Club
Coach Steve Golob (on top) March 17th 2012

Children ages 6 and up are welcome including teenagers. Youngsters looking for off season wrestling practice and exposure to new competitors will benefit greatly from this program. Our goal is to network with local junior wrestling clubs and community schools in the Baltimore & greater metropolitan areas. Children new to wrestling will learn as well and be better prepared for when they begin their wrestling season. Children in our Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts programs are welcome to cross train in our junior wrestling program.

junior wrestling in Baltimore
Junior Wrestling Classes in Catonsville
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