Strength & Conditioning

Tone muscle, burn fat and learn how to exercise properly in our personalized & professional group Strength and Conditioning Classes at Baltimore Martial Arts in Catonsville.

Learn how to properly exercise and lift weights in a small private group. Our professional trainers will help you achieve your goals whether it be weight loss, toning muscle, increasing strength or improving endurance.


All of our members receive a complete physical assessment using state of the art technology & a battery of physically tests. Additional assessments will be made periodically throughout your training and as you progress in order for our trainers to help you stay on track towards achieve]ing your goals.


Our facility has high end professional equipment that you will not find at your typical gym. Our exercise methodology also combines conditioning and strength. We will not only teach you how to exercise but we will also teach you why so that one day if you go off on your own you will know how to exercise properly.

Most people have no clue how to exercise, how to choose goals and how to design a workout plan. We will take care of that for you and help keep you motivated. We are not nutritionists or dietitian however we can give you general guidance concerning what, when and how much to eat in order to maximize your health and to get the best results from your training. Diet is an important aspect of health.  A famous trainer once said, "You can't outrun a bod diet."

Give us a call to schedule a tour and FREE InBody 270 physical assessment. You will receive a printout of your body composition including weight, muscle percentage, fat percentage & water weight.

Classes are organized into small groups and fill up fast. We typically workout out in 4 week blocks meaning that we only take new members at the end of a block or at the beginning of a new one.