Frank Mir still considering a potential move to the light heavyweight division

Frank Mir headlines this Saturday's UFC 119 pay-per-view event from Indianapolis, Indiana, provided Mirko Cro Cop doesn't get pulled at the last minute; but while the former Heavyweight Champion is in yet another high profile spot in the division, he's still looking at a possible future drop to light heavyweight. Speaking with Fighter's Only, Mir discussed the circumstances which would lead to that move. "Being a multiple weight class champion would be a phenomenal feat," Mir said. "If ever another opportunity arises, if I take time off for another surgery or an injury, I'll come back as a [light heavyweight] for a little bit." Mir said the move isn't for an easier path after losses to the behemoths of the division in Shane Carwin and Brock Lesnar, and in fact Mir thinks it's the more difficult division. "I want to do it," Mir said about making the drop. "I'm not going to [light heavyweight] because I feel I can do better as far as [there being] easier fights. In fact, 205 is extremely stacked. The tenth guy there is more dangerous than the tenth guy in the heavyweight division, so there's a lot more talent to worry about at 205." For now, however, he's a got a Croatian superstar to pay attention to, and he'll take that fight on Saturday night on pay-per-view.