Cain Velasquez stops Brock Lesnar in the first round to capture UFC Heavyweight Championship

The hype leading into UFC 121's main event was focused on Cain Velasquez's opportunity to be the first Mexican Heavvy Weigth Champion. Well, he not only accomplished that feat, he did it in dominant and impressive fashion, stopping Brock Lesnar in the first round of their Championship bout. Lesnar came out aggressive, trying to shoot in almost immediately. Velasquez held off the attempt, but Lesnar stayed in close. He landed a couple of knees in the clinch and then completed a takedown. But Velasquez got back to his feet almost immediately. Lesnar stayed after him, and got a double leg takedown against the cage. Velasquez popped right back to his feet, however, and after an exchange on the feet Velasquez shot in and got the takedown. He landed some hard punches on Lesnar's back before Lesnar tried to work to his feet. As he got to his feet, he stumbled across the cage and Velasquez pounced. Velasquez continued his assault on Lesnar against the cage. He landed shots in spots, and made sure to pick his opportunities. He bloodied and battered Lesnar, who could do nothing more but cover up against the cage, and finally Herb Dean stepped in to call a stop to the fight. The win gave the undefeated Velasquez the Championship victory at 4:12 of the first round, and he'll now face off against Junior Dos Santos sometime in 2011. For Lesnar, it's back to the drawing board. But he gave Velasquez credit for being the better man on this night, and said he'd work his way back. As for Velasquez, he'll celebrate the win with his fans, both latino and otherwise.