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Don’t Miss UFC 127

For the second straight fight, Jon Fitch has had the “#1 contender fight” label attached to a bout, as UFC President Dana White on Tuesday said the winner of the bout between Fitch and B.J. Penn at UFC 127 will be next in line for a title shot. I personnally don’t think much of Fitch. And I think BJ is a great fighter. I think his last fight or two, he has not has the same intense aggression as he had in the octagon before.

“They’re definitely in the title picture,” White said. “The reality is B.J. Penn has held titles in [two] weight classes, Fitch has fought for the title and has literally dominated that division for a long time, just couldn’t win the title.”

“Either one of these guys who wins this fight is in the mix; not in the mix, they’re the number one guy.”

But though White says the winner will be the next guy in line, neither fighter is looking past the other heading into their meeting in Australia.

“As of now, I’m not even thinking about that,” Penn said. “I’m not thinking about titles. I’m just happy to be fighting an opponent on Jon Fitch’s level.”

For his part, Fitch has heard all of this before, and he’s not letting any talk of title shots get in front of the task at hand.

“I don’t really want to waste any time thinking about anything more than fighting B.J.,” Fitch said. “As a welterweight, I have certain advantages in size but that won’t be enough. I’ve had to work a lot on speed, explosiveness and keeping everything tight to make sure there aren’t any mistakes in this fight.”

Don’t miss this event this Saturday only on Pay Per View.

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