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Lighten it up…

Written by Danyelle Berger CSCS, RKC

Attitude is very important when exercising. We all experience good days and bad days. This article is about lightening up your attitude when you’re having a bad day or when you just don’t’ feel like working out.

Today I had a bad training day. I trained in my basement and my backyard so that I could get used to doing my snatch test and other things outside in the grass and sun. Things didn’t go well today and I’m not exactly sure why. I did feel a little lacking in luster waking up this morning, but the kids were still sleeping and I thought I could get some quality work in before they woke up. But it just didn’t work out that way and I ended my training feeling very frustrated and as if I had made negative progress. My husband told me I had a bad attitude going into it today, I of course disagreed. Even though I hate to admit it, the fact that I disagreed is kind of proof that I did in fact, have a bad attitude. I can’t go back in the future and recalibrate my mood, but I can start repairing my attitude now in order to move forward in a good way. I have a lot of great training sessions but in the grand scheme of things they can’t all be great. Some days I am a little off and today was one of those days. The best thing I can do is learn from it, possibly figure out what the problem was, have a plan on how to avoid this in the future, and in general aim to have fewer and fewer “off” days. I can’t let it completely derail me or ruin my day.

Now that I have calmed down from my meltdown from this morning, and I am relaxed by the scent of Tiger Balm wafting from my arms and legs, I can actually look constructively at things and see that it really wasn’t as bad as I thought. First, I didn’t do what I planned for my snatch test but that’s okay because I also didn’t plan on having to discipline my children DURING my five minutes! So, as much as I hate to blame other people, toddlers and kettlebell snatching just doesn’t mix well. Second, I reached a new high in my bottoms –up press which is great for me! I also made significant improvement on my bent press by videotaping myself and reviewing it between sets. All in all it wasn’t a total waste of time, I made some forward progress and that’s what counts. I heard once that airplanes are technically off course something like 90% of the time, but they still make their original destination. They constantly make adjustments throughout the whole flight depending on circumstances such as weather, other air traffic, quicker routes, etc. Even in my kettlebell classes I come in with a plan but then have to constantly modify it based on the differing experience levels of my students and how things are going during class. My plan for today was to have a great workout and get on with my day. Things didn’t go that way. I didn’t have a great workout, but I did make progress and now I am on to the rest of my day. My plan is to “shake it off”, own my small victories, and lighten up a bit. Wish me luck!

In my opnion, the best way to lighten up is laughter……enjoy:

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