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Mixed Martial Arts Catonsville

Baltimore Martial Arts and fitness in Catonsville Maryland teaches Mixed Martial Arts.

Baltimore Martial Arts has a mixed martial arts competition team that trains together like family. Between Mixed Martial Arts classes, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practice & Muay Thai Kickboxing, the MMA competition team gets together for strength and conditioning training.

Mixed Martial Arts classes in Catonsville

Herb Severn, MMA Coach for Baltimore Martial Arts

Saturday is always different, it’s advanced technique and hard sparring day and most of the team wouldn’t miss this for anything. Coach Herb is leading this Saturday’s Mixed Martial Arts session. Everything we train during the week comes together on Saturday and it’s time to see if you actually improved from the last week. Sometimes Saturday’s MMA practice is dedicated to sparring with other gyms, but this week we are training to get one of our fighters ready for a fight Dec 17that Ibiza night club, Operation Octagon!

Women Mixed Martial Arts - MMA Fighters

Erin, MMA Competitor for Baltimore Martial Arts in Catonsville, Maryland

Erin Milks has been a standout female on our Mixed Martial Arts team and is ready to represent Baltimore Martial Arts in her first Women’s MMA fight. Coming from a few months of getting ready for various RKC Kettlebell and personal training certifications and passing, she immediately dove into a fight training camp to prepare for this fight. Training hard isn’t anything new to our schools female slaughterhouse, just look at her husband Eric (aka Stone Cold) who’s always trying a new technique on her whether at the gym or at home.

Stone Cold Steve

Stone Cold Erik, MMA Competitor for Baltimore Martial Arts in Catonsville, Maryland

Mixed Martial Arts in Catonsville, Maryland

MMA Strength and Condititioning

Strength and Conditioning Training Mixed Martial Arts

Everything went smooth this week and momentum is exploding as we steam into the last few weeks of our Mixed Martial Arts training camp. As a fighter, there are so many things to worry about; having a team that puts together an intelligent training program for you is a must. All of this is thanks to the mastermind behind the scenes of it all Master Gary Berger (aka El Patron), owner and operator along side his wife Danielle. Stay tuned for more features from the BMAA Mixed Martial Arts fight team and around the gym and of course come in and check us out!

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Greg Jackson’s “The Ground Game” delivers in-depth MMA grappling guide

While Greg Jackson’s reputation as a master of the mental side of mixed martial arts is well-deserved, the famed trainer’s latest instructional book again demonstrates his grasp of the techniques and physical approach necessary to succeed in the sport.

Just as 2009’s “The Stand Up Game” tackles a complete array of techniques on the feet, Jackson’s newest offering, “Greg Jackson’s Mixed Martial Arts: The Ground Game,” covers the grappling aspect of MMA in stunning depth.

Recently issued by Victory Belt Publishing and co-authored by noted MMA author Kelly Crigger, “The Ground Game” is a title suitable for a wide range of readers – from fans simply looking to better their understanding of the fight game to aspiring octagon warriors.

“The Ground Game” opens with a bonus 10-page section on sports nutrition. Jackson offers advice on general nutrition principles and how to best decide overall caloric needs, as well as specific approaches to nutrition before, during and after a workout. Jackson also offers a handful of recipes suitable for professional fighters but equally beneficial (and palatable) for even couch potatoes looking to improves their overall health.

But if the nutrition section is a welcome appetizer for “The Ground Game,” it’s the opening chapter where the perfectly cooked meat and potatoes truly begin.

Chapter One sees Jackson devote nearly 100 informative pages on all aspects of the most basic position in MMA ground fighting: the full guard. While Jackson makes it clear the guard is not necessarily an advantageous position, he offers in meticulous fashion the numerous opportunities  the full guard presents.

Jackson describes the various submissions, strikes, sweeps, transitions and escapes available from the full guard and then takes to the mat himself to demonstrate the techniques. The positions are then displayed in a series of full-color photographs that capture the key parts of each maneuver from two (and sometimes three) different angles.

Chapter Two focuses on variations of the guard, including the butterfly guard, spider guard, sit-up guard, downed guard and half-guard. While “The Ground Game” might not stand out from similar titles as a revolutionary approach to grappling the way publications from Eddie Bravo and Marcelo Garcia are widely perceived, Jackson does an outstanding job of sharing techniques best-suited for MMA – in which competition is strictly no-gi and competitors must concern themselves with strikes, as well. “The Ground Game” also excels in describing when best to turn to the techniques detailed.

Subsequent chapters of this instructional title address techniques from more advantageous positions, including side mount, rear control, rear mount and full mount. Jackson dissects each position with the same painstaking detail offered to the guard.

Throughout the book, Jackson presents the techniques as individual parts of an overall approach to fighting success. It’s an idea outlined in Jackson’s introduction.

“To me mixed martial arts is one of the most beautiful art forms,” Jackson states. “I think this because it encompasses so many elements from the worlds of science, psychology, music and many other disciplines. Your journey through the martial arts is not just a journey of technique, but also a journey of understanding.

“All of the techniques in [‘The Ground Game’] will stand on their own as basic ways of learning physical combat. But the idea I’d really like to impart is that the techniques also represent a way to train the conceptual themes underpinning our art.”

Whether you’re hoping to round out your skills on the mat or simply hoping to gain a better understanding of what’s unfolding on the screen in front of you as you tune in to your favorite MMA events, “Jackson’s Mixed Martial Arts: The Ground Game” is for you. Perhaps the most thorough grappling-for-MMA manuscript on the market today, “The Ground Game” offers real insight to battle-tested groundfighting techniques.

Coupled with Jackson’s 2009 striking-focused “The Stand Up Game,” Victory Belt Publishing’s two “Greg Jackson’s Mixed Martial Arts” titles provide a comprehensive instructional how-to from one of MMA’s most respected minds.

Grab your copy and let me know what you think!

“Greg Jackson’s Mixed Martial Arts: The Ground Game” is now available at all major online bookstores, including Amazon.com.

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