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Warrior Challenge

Warrior Challenge

Charles Gamble won his pro mixed martial arts debut at the MMA Warrior Challenge 24 in Woodbridge, VA on July 13th 2013. Charles won decisively in the second round via a referee stoppage due to strikes to the head. Charles’s opponent had been 4-1 at the time before Charles Gamble handed him his second loss. Charles

Warrior Challenge

Warrior Challenge

Watch this video of Charles Gamble’s pro debut MMA fight at the Warrior Challenge 24

Warrior Challenge

Come out and support our Mixed Martial Arts team as Charles and other MMA competitors compete in the near future. Brandon Johnson will be defending his title in a few months and Corbin Pagano is returning to the ring after a fantastic win against a strong opponent who has recently strung two wins together.

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Maryland Cage Combat

Maryland Cage Combat

Corbin Pagano & Brandon Johnson, Mixed Martial Arts fighters from Baltimore Martial Arts, at Maryland Cage Combat in Baltimore Maryland. Video highlights from Maryland Cage Combat 4.

Maryland Caged Combat

Maryland Cage Combat Event
Baltimore Martial Arts
Corbin, Coach Benjamin & Friends

Maryland Cage Combat has had four venues so far of which Baltimore Martial Art’s MMA team has participated. Corbin Pagano has a mixed martial arts record of 1-1. He won in last night’s competition with a rear naked choke (RNC) in the third round. Brandon Johnson has a mixed martial arts record of 2-2. He won a title match on March 16th via a hard fought three round decision. Other fighter’s from Baltimore Martial Arts that have competed in Maryland Cage Combat include Charles Gamble, Erik Milks, Erin Milks & Ray Sydnor.

Maryland Cage Combat

Maryland Cage Combat

Brandon Johnson Maryland Cage Combat Mixed Martial Arts Champion

Maryland Cage Combat

Baltimore Martial Art’s instructors, coaches, friends, classmates & family were in attendance at Maryland Cage Combat Friday March 16th, 2013. Coach Walter, Charles Gamble, Herb Severn, Benjamin Kassim & Gary Berger were there. Mr. Pagano, Corbin’s dad, was more nervous than Corbin before the fight. Mr. Pagano was an accomplished wrestler back in the day. Ironically Corbin’s mother wasn’t nervous at all saying her son and his brother have been fighting ever since birth. Coach Charles helped corner a competitor from another school who was apparently a police officer and was there by himself.

Keep visiting our web site BaltimoreMartialArts.com for news concerning our next competitions and our competitors. Also visit our MMA Page or MMA Blog Page.

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MMA – Mixed Martial Arts

Baltimore MMA

MMA – Mixed Martial Arts in Baltimore

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full contact combat sport that allows a wide variety of fighting techniques, from a mixture of martial arts traditions and non-traditions […]
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Ray Sydnor Wins at MMA Tournament in Millersville MD

Ray Sydnor, fighting out of Team Baltimore Martial Arts in Catonsville, wins 170 pound amateur Mixed Martial Arts tournament held last Saturday April 14th, 2012 in Millersville, Maryland. Ray Sydnor had a very hard fight against an opponent from Noel Smith’s BJJ, a school known for its tough fighters and strong Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Rays opponent had excellent stand up skills which his corner expected, but his ground game was surprisingly good.

Mixed Martial Arts in Baltimore Maryland

Kimura Arm Lock

Ray was caught in a very ugly Kimura arm lock from his opponent’s guard (see photo right) but Ray purservered and eventually got out of it. The fight was back and forth with takedowns and takedown attempts from both fighters. Mid way into the third round Ray put together a ferocious flurry of punches from his opponent’s guard while having him against the fence. The barrage was so intense that the referee stopped the fight giving Ray the win by TKO.

Mixed Martial Arts in Baltimore Maryland

Baltimore Martial Arts Cornermen Charles Gamble and Brandon Cherry

Ray Sydnor was cornered by Charles Gamble and Brandon Cherry. Charles is also a mixed martial arts fighter from Baltimore Martial Arts but was not competing that evening. Brandon Cherry is also an MMA & Muay thai competitor and also the Muay Thai Kickboxing Coach for Baltimore Martial Arts.

Maryland Mixed Martial Arts Training

Ray Sydnor 170lb MMA Millersville Winner

Baltimore Martial Arts has a complete mixed martial arts competition program for competitors and non-competitors. We have a professional MMA team of instructors which includes but is not limited to Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo & Wrestling. Our strength and conditioning program also includes a team some of whom hold a level 2 RKC (Russian Kettlebell) and a CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) certification. Baltimore Martial Arts also has Judo, Tae Kwon Do and Brazilian Jiu -Jitsu for children and fitness programs for adults.

Baltimore Martial Arts Academy 6565 Baltimore National Pike, Catonsville, MD 21228
Looking for a map?

Walk in M-F, 5-9 PM Saturday, 9 AM – 2 PM & Sunday 2-4 PM
Visit our You Tube Channel{Baltimore Martial Arts You Tube}.
Email us at:baltimoremartialarts@yahoo.com

To read more reviews about Baltimore Martial Arts & Fitness please visit our GOOGLE PLACE PAGE.

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Military Dad – Baltimore Martial Arts

I would highly recommend Baltimore Martial Arts Academy for many reasons and from a couple different view points.

As a student – Gary Berger and his staff are experts instructors not only in martial arts but fitness of both mind and body. I have been in the military for 21 years, have lived all over the world and have never seen a gym with so many different courses of instruction. Such a wide array and blending of talent is hard to find and almost impossible in a single school. Patient and professional – I have found these instructors to look at the individual and tailor classes to student needs and goals. The plethora of instructors is simply amazing. I have 3 Aikido instructors my son has 5 different jujitsu instructors and my daughter has 2 different kickboxing instructors – getting all of there collective strengths and experiences – class never gets boring or routine.

As a father – I have two teenagers attending Baltimore Martial Arts Academy and can not imagine a better environment for an extracurricular activity. My Son has attained his black belt in mixed martial arts and is working on belts in both judo and straight jujitsu. He is on the competition team and has competed nationally in numerous grappling and judo competitions – qualifying this year for the judo junior nationals this summer. It has been a great outlet for teenage aggression for both kids and has shown them a positive way to harness energy that would be otherwise wasted. His skills will serve him well in high school as he plays football and wrestles. My Daughter is working on a belt in mixed martial arts and taking kickboxing classes. Not the competitor her brother is I have found the discipline and fitness she is learning will carry on through her entire life. As a father it is good to know that my daughter can defend herself and walks with a confidence that
she may otherwise have not found. My children are the most important thing in my life and my greatest legacy – I feel blessed to have found this gym with such a large group of both male and female role models to help me raise my children and instill the values we all find so lacking in the world today. It is refreshing to find a place where integrity, honor, respect and discipline are not only preached but taught, practiced and expected.

All in all I was lucky or destined to find Baltimore Martial Arts Academy. I have found a family that cares about me and my families well being. I hope all of you are as lucky.

Justin D. Pyle

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