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Kickboxing Mom in Catonsville – 10 Years with Baltimore Martial Arts

Carden Snider has been a member of Baltimore Martial Arts for more than 10 years. Carden has trained in Kung Fu but her passion is manly with the Kickboxing. Her son Tommy earned a black belt in Kung Fu. Carden can be seen in this KICK BOXING VIDEO training in October 2006 when my wife was 9 months pregnant and still doing kickboxing.

I found out about Baltimore Martial Arts about 10 years ago when I was looking to find a Martial Arts class for my 5 year old son, Tommy. As I watched Tommy earn his belts, I noticed the adult Martial Arts classes and the kickboxing classes and wanted to try them out.

I started out with kick boxing and eventually began the adult Martial Arts class to learn the throws, forms, stand up fighting, and wrestling moves with my son Tommy. I made it up to a green belt and Tommy eventually received his black belt when he was nine.

Tommy has moved on to other aspirations such as football and baseball and I still continue to attend kick boxing class. Kickboxing gives me the level of work out I need to keep up my energy level and stamina for other sports. Plus it is a great way to blow off steam!

Gary and Danyelle are down to earth couple who truly believe in their programs at Baltimore Martial Arts. They bring such knowledge and passion to all of the programs Baltimore Martial Arts has to offer. I have formed some of my closest friendships at Baltimore Martial Arts. It is a great place to be.

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Carden Snider

Baltimore Martial Arts Kickboxing Fitness
Catonsville, MD

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