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More than just Martial Arts

Life is what you make of it. At the Baltimore Martial Arts in Catonville just across the street form Toys R Us. There is life for all ages. My six years old son is taking a karate class at the Baltimore Martial Arts. Due to the fact that he has lots of energy that needs to be burned off and a short attention span so far this class has helped him focus and be less restless. With the help of his instructors Mr. Gary, Mrs. Kate and Mrs. Hanna my son has also learned that in life you lose some and you win some as long as he tries his best, don’t give up and with practice he will do better. Also, due to these factors and the extra little things that they notice my son does better in school. I also, have my thirteen year old cousin who is taking karate. She was not that social and was a type of person who did nothing but sit around most of the time which lead her to an unhealthy size and nearly caused her to become a diabetic. By joining karate she has gained more confidence; she socializes more with other children and for a person of her healthy size she can really move now. This place has a great owner Mr. Gary a very nice person who believes in you and the children. Mr. Gary and his staff tries to set things up to accommodate every child, adult and parent for a better health and a better you.

Thank You,
T. Brown

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