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Ben Metzler – Junior Black Belt

It was a grueling two hour test of physical exercise, martial technique and sparring, but Ben Metzler prevailed to become Baltimore Martial Arts newest addition to it’s junior black belt team. His fellow classmates participated in the test by taking turns wrestling Ben during three minutes of Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu wrestling. Ben’s dad, Bill Metzler worked out alongside Ben during a significant portion of the physical requirements. Ben Metzler was featured in one of our earlier blogs for his outstanding accomplishments inside and outside of the dojo.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Test

Test Requirements

Physical Conditioning

Snatch Ladder 14kg 20,18,16,…
Clean Ladder 14kg 20,18,16,…
Swing Ladder 20kg 20,18,16,…
4-6 sets 30 seconds rest between sets
30 seconds of jumping jacks
30 seconds agility ladder
8 bur-pies

4-6 sets 30 seconds rest between sets
30 seconds Mountain Climbers
40 yard sprint


50 sit-ups

Push-up ladder 20,18,16,…(very challenging!)

Wrestling – 6 matches three minutes each with 6 different partners including Dad, Justin Pyle (junior blackbelt), Sonny Csorba (junior blackbelt), Mr. Ronnie, Danny, & one of Ben’s friends on the high school wrestling team.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Curriculum – included a plethora of techniques which took about 45 minutes. Mr. Gary & Mr. Ronnie quizzed a very tired athlete on
techniques that Ben has learned in his BJJ classes. Techniques included Judo throws, positions of control, submissions, escapes and self defense.

The Gauntlet– After Ben was tested on his Brazilian Jiujitsu technical knowledge he had to go wrestle all of his classmates one more time.

brazilian jiu jitsu

Ben's Classmates and Testing Partners


Coincidently the day of Ben’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu test was his 15th birthday. Ben did an outstanding job. His father’s physical ability to hang and wrestle with his son was also very impressive. Ben and his father are both regular attendees of Baltimore Martial Arts. They have been taking BJJ, kettlebell and other classes with us for about three plus years. We will be sorry to see them leave this Summer as they are both going to India for a 2-3 year stay. They both plan to continue practicing Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and hopefully return one day soon.

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