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Fifty Year Old Mother of Three

I had lost the weight thru a good diet and had gotten into triathalons from friends thru this studio but was not in core shape and was plagued with overuse injuries. Danyelle was just starting teaching kettlebell and core classes when she noticed my imbalances especially with my hip flexors which were intefering for my first marathon training. After 6 months of consistant kettlebell training I was able to run that marathon but more important my injuries are no gone and I have done a 2nd marathon. I am now training for my first Ironman this summer and when my coach tried to get me to give up kettlebells(for time in training) I refused the core strength I have gained will not only help me with injury prevention but keeps me young. Danyelle is always studying and improving training and I love the classes because it improves me and my training. PS I am not far off from turning 50 and am in the best shape of my life.


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