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Bully Proof® Your Kids_Baltimore Martial Arts

The federal government has identified bullying as a national problem.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), a martial art, has proven to be an effective means of teaching children how to protect themselves against the bullying. Help your child learn to defend him or herself and develop self confidence with our Bully Proof® program.

CNN News recently aired a segment featuring children who learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to deter childhood bullying. This popular children’s BJJ program called Bullyproof®  is making waves around the world. The Baltimore Martial Arts Academy (BMAA) in Catonsville, Maryland has been teaching Jujitsu to children and servicing families for over 15 years.


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Baltimore Martial Arts Academy’s MMa Conditioning Training

This is part of our MMA training that we do at the end of every class, which is actually after class. After our class which is a 1.5 hours long we will do some kind of circuit training exercise. This is after working techniques, drills, fighting/sparring, etc.

Come check out or MMA class! We are here to help improve all aspects of your Mixed Martial Arts training!

Check out a video of the circuit training in action!

MMA Conditioning Training

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