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Tai Chi

Chen Wangting

Chen Wangting – Founder of Chen Style Tai Chi

Baltimore Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese martial art practiced by thousands of people throughout the world mostly as an exercise to strengthen the body, release stress and cleans the spirit.

Tai Chi is a valuable addition to anyone with a busy lifestyle or anyone seeking to achieve more harmony in their lives.

Tai Chi Baltimore is sometimes referred to the art of moving meditation because it promotes serenity through gentle movements which help harmonize the mind and the body. Its characteristic slow and graceful movements help build balance, increase strength, develop power and also improve mental focus and concentration.

Tai Chi Baltimore is beneficial to all regardless of age, health or experience.

Baltimore Tai Chi Chuan is practiced by hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world. Chinese citizens, young and old, gather every morning in their neighborhoods, parks and other public areas to practice Tai Chi. Imagine hundreds of graceful images of people gliding through dance-like poses. Simply watching people practicing Tai Chi is relaxing.

Baltimore Tai Chi

Yang Chenfu – Grandson of Founder of Yang Style Tai Chi

Baltimore Tai Chi is mostly known for its restorative health benefits, however it was originally developed in China as a form of self-defense. Our Baltimore Tai Chi instructors teach the original self defense applications along with the movements. This approach helps create a better understanding of the mechanics as well as helps to understand the mindset of our Tai Chi ancestors.

Tai Chi Baltimore is a noncompetitive, self-paced system of gentle physical exercise, meditation and stretching. To learn Tai Chi, you first perform a series of static and slow moving postures which are designed to coordinated with your breath. Eventually postures are strung together so that each movement flows into the next without pausing.

Anyone, regardless of age or physical ability, can learn and practice Tai Chi Baltimore. It doesn’t take youth or physical prowess to become proficient at Tai Chi. Rather, Tai Chi emphasizes patience and technique over strength and braun.

Tai Chi Baltimore


  • Reduces stress which is linked to just about every form of disease known
  • Increases flexibility
  • Improves muscle tone and definition
  • Increases energy and vitality
  • Increases stamina and agility

Like other practices that bring mind and body together, tai chi Baltimore can reduce stress. During Tai Chi, you focus on movement and breathing. This combination creates a state of relaxation and calm. Stress, anxiety and tension should melt away as you focus on the present, and the effects may last well after you stop your tai chi session.

Tai chi Baltimore is not a substitute for traditional medical care and one with serious health concerns should consult their physician before engaging in any form of physical activity. Tai chi is generally safe for all people regardless of age or level of fitness. Senior citizens often find tai chi appealing because the movements are low impact and put minimal stress on muscles and joints which is especially helpful for individuals with arthritis or who are recovering from a muscle skeletal injury.


Tai Chi has recently been studied by the scientific community and has appeared in numerous scientific journals. Research shows that Tai Chi Baltimore may offer numerous additional health benefits besides stress reduction. These additional benefits include:

  • Reduces anxiety and depression
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Reduces incidences of falling
  • Promotes more restful sleep
  • Reduces osteoporosis especially in women after menopause
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves cardiovascular fitness
  • Relieves chronic pain
  • Improves everyday physical well being

How to get Started in Tai Chi

The first step is to schedule your first free trail Tai Chi Baltimore class by calling our school. One of our representatives will help you with scheduling. Once you come to class, you will need only comfortable clothing. We practice bare foot so you will not need shoes. Practicing with bare feet provides our brains with better sensory feedback and is more beneficial in the long term. In fact according to pediatrists, shoes have been implicated as being the number one reason why people have foot problems.

During your first class, our qualified Baltimore Tai Chi Instructors will teach you the basic positions and how to regulate your breathing. Practice is done slowly and safely, especially if you have injuries, chronic conditions, or other he alt concerns which could be a problem.

After you learn the fundamentals of Tai Chi movement, you will eventually be able to practice Tai Chi on your own. If you can practice everyday great, however we advise practicing 2-3 days per week preferably in the morning. you can practice for as little as 5 minutes at a time and build up as you progress. Our Tai Chi classes provide a a social environment which adds a helpful aspect especially when learning in the beginning.

Below is a sample of Tai Chi movement. Keep in mind that the lady is a professional and that her movements express the full capabilities of a young athletic woman preforming Tai Chi. However, Tai Chi Chaun does not have to be preformed exactly as shown. One only needs to strive to be the best that they can be to benefit from Tai Chi Chaun.

Check out our Tai Chi for Arthritis and Qigong classes.

The woman above is performing Tai Chi Chaun movements which are typically learned in our Baltimore Tai Chi class.

For more information including pricing:
Phone: 410-903-7776
Email: info@ZenGate.Org

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