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Marco Johnson

Marco “Ur Boy Da@nswer” Johnson

Marco Johnson

Marco Johnson has been a martial artist since day one. His drive and determination is deep-routed in values taught to him through family, life lessons and a unique understanding of the legacy he intends to leave in the martial arts and fitness communities. But it wasn’t enough to be born into the martial arts. You have to want it. You have to continue wanting it. Marco was inspired by the movies, like No Retreat, No Surrender, and action stars of the time. It was at the age of 4 that he discovered his calling to become a martial artist and entertainer. It’s something he thinks about every day when he gets up to tackle the world.

Marco JohnsonLife was never easy for a child that grew up in the projects of Baltimore City. Marco was exposed to many negative influences in his youth. It was the faith in his family (especially his father, Willie “The Bam” Johnson) that inspired him to
move beyond the shroud of negativity. Abuse, welfare and overall hardship were common in his early life. He constantly reminds himself where he started so he can move forward and rise above every occasion. He has been through some of the most intense training imaginable. “ I don’t study a style. I study an art.”  The arts are his life and he takes them very seriously. People often ask Marco what style of martial arts he studies his reply is simple. The art is of movement and rhythm evokes an energy that inspires and reaches all of those with an open mind and the willingness to explore their own abilities. He understands what it means to fight. And not fighting for the sake of fighting, but fighting for the sake of survival, honor and respect. His accolades are limitless.


  • 2003 Self” Baltimore Idols UPN, Fox News
  • 2003 Self Steve Harvey Big Time UPN
  • 2002 Channel 45 News, Fox News
  • 2001 “Da Answer” US Open ESPN
  • 1998 Featured Wesley Snipes Masters of Martial Arts ¬ TNT
  • 1997 Featured Legends of the Martial Arts ¬ A&E Productions
  • 1996 “Lil Bam” – WMAC Masters (Four Kids Productions)
  • 1996 “Lil Bam” ¬ Channel 7 Sports
  • 1995 “Lil Bam” ¬ Channel 11 Sports
  • 2004 Loyal Justices: Co-star (Urban Spirit Productions)
  • 2003 Deadly Game of Death: Lead (Rising Sun Productions & Urban Spirit Productions)
  • 1995 Super fights: Extra (Seasonal Films)
  • Karate Helps Kick Diabetes, Forms & Weapons Master KHKD Fundraiser
  • Champion’s Attitude: Co-Lead (Black Blue Productions)
  • Acrobatics for Films: Co-Lead (Black Blue Productions)
  • Street Combat DVD Series: Co-Lead (Paladin Press)
  • Chi Na for the Streets: Co-Lead (Paladin Press)
  • The Beat Down: Co-Lead (Paladin Press)
  • MMA for the Streets: Co-Lead (Paladin Press)
  • Kung Fu Hip Hop DVD Series: Lead (Single Step Productions)
  • Fu-Yah Mix Tape Series & Fu-Yah Remix Mix Tape Series: Lead, Co-Lead, Host (Urban Spirit Productions)


  • Certified Instructor, Educational Funding Company, 1999
  • Certified Instructor, West Coast Tae Kwon Do, 2006
  • Various certifications in Techniques, Karate College, 1998- 2010
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt, Bam Universal Martial Arts, 2010
  • Wushudo, Shaolin, Wushu, Kung Fu Hip Hop, Street MMA, Tumbling, Jujitsu, Boxing, Thai Boxing, Kick boxing, Ernie Reyes West Coast Tae Kwon Do, Educational Funding Company, Karate College, Keith Strandberg – Action Film Making Camp
  • Weapons Broadsword, Straight Sword, Long Staff, Short Staff, Filipino Stick Fighting, Knife Fighting, Broadsword and Shield, Double Boxing Broadsword, Kamas, Double Daggers, Steel Whip, Rope Dart Street Combat¬ Tai Chi, Martial Arts Tricking Innovator, Street Aerobics


  • Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • 5 Time World Champion
  • 5 Time National Champion
  • Triple Crown Champion
  • 2 Time (NASKA) North American Sport Karate Association MVP Winner
  • Karate Kid Challenge Winner ¬ Washington, DC/Maryland
  • Steve Harvey ¬ Big Time Contest Runner Up

The Mission

Stronger Than Drugs Foundation and Jujitsu Youth PAC Program, Inc. are nonprofit organizations that serve as counsel for individuals in our society. In partnership with Da Martial Element Tour, community residents, established and emerging businesses, magazines, and the Hip-Hop community; the activities of the Stronger Than Drugs Foundation
and Jujitsu Youth PAC Program promotes economic development through our books, magazines, Da Martial Element Tour, and Hip-Hop community events. Such collaboration and outreach enhances the performance of existing businesses and helps to create a stronger community for all, including the youth.


The Stronger Than Drugs Foundation is the missing piece in a society where many of our young people lack positive, stimulating environments that specifically speak to them in a language and culture that they understand and celebrate. We train to compete in tournaments and perform demonstrations around the world to help others succeed and to show that life’s struggles can be conquered. We teach the young how to survive in life and to gain their desires the right way.
We do this not only through placing martial arts and music into peoples’ lives but through reaching out to other people
and organizations through our literature (DAELEMENT Magazine and books), our DAELEMENT Mixtape and DVD series, and especially through our Da Martial Element Tour.

Da Martial Element Tour Proposal 2013

We at the Stronger Than Drugs Foundation and Jujitsu Youth PAC Program want to help your company reach an untapped market through our Da Martial Element Tour. Our mission is to show the world the incredibly positive potential of Hip-Hop culture and would appreciate any support. We have performed and promote events nationally and

It can be difficult to reach today’s youth market with traditional martial arts. Many young people live in a world populated by cell phones, gangsta rap, the ubiquitous presence of the internet, and many other distractions that make teaching traditional martial arts very difficult. In addition, too many kids today turn to drinking, drug use, and pre-marital sex because they lack the structure and discipline that accompany traditional martial arts training. Too few martial arts schools have programs designed to capture the attention of kids as they enter into their teenage and adult years and draw the into a positive lifestyle as exemplified by traditional martial arts. Da Martial Element Tour is about blending traditional martial arts movements with popular culture, while re-emphasizing the martial elements of the martial arts. This program allows kids to learn to better express themselves through their music, dance, and culture while also taking advantage of the positive aspects of traditional martial arts skills and values. In addition to traditional techniques we also teach and demonstrate acrobatic tricks for greater personal expression and flash for the crowd. At the same time, our participants can speak for KUNG FU Hip-Hop movement and encourage people to stand by their own morals and values in order to form a better community. Combining the beauty, grace, and personal expression of the martial arts with the spiritual rawness of Hip-Hop produces the spiritual discipline necessary for inner peace. KUNG FU Hip-Hop is about trying to give an avenue to this inner peace for a generation of kids that suffer the weight of the iniquities of previous generations and a lack of positive, supportive culture today

Da Kung Fu Kid, Marco Johnson, Mixtape, Promo

Marco is a video on MTV Jams

Sparksism – Sun of the Phoenix ( Produced by Sparksism) [ Official Video ] w/ Marco Johnson

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